President Water Company

Filtering water by replicating how rain spirals downward, but with the speed of a tornado

This technology is built on the shoulders of giants. One of the MANY, who spent multiple hours studying nature and life, Viktor Schauberger, discovered how the streams in a riverbed vortex as it moves downstream. This vortexing motion, does many things, primarily it restores the water to its natural state, thus when consumed, restores us.

As our water reaches our homes, it has gone through a long journey in a straight, linear fashion. This devitalizes the water as it is not its natural way of movement. Once we apply the vortex generator on our faucets, svg_final_facewe will feel the effects of how nature intended water to be.

The results of vortexing water are proven through the two modest Co-Founders and others, their track record of in-the-field tests online show great success. For humans, plants, animals, or environments this water contacts, it seems to set in balance! Pests, PH levels, growth rates, nutritional levels in plants have seen substantial improvements! Please view their website and youtube and see!


Personal story & introduction:

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