Hello, my names Kobyn, I’m 30 now, and for the past 10 years I have always been wondering some of the best ways to make use of my time. While I was searching, people around me got sick and some passed away. Internally I would always be asking why this happened to them.

HOW can humanity having been on earth for 3 thousand to 40 million years, be unable to maintain and restore ourselves properly? I investigated further by asking others, mass searching online, reading, thinking and praying.

Having found many reasons why, I put my search on hold.

Their are so many modalities to help the body to heal itself! So many are unknown and unseen!

I keep hearing of people getting terminally sick and it makes me so sad. Particularly when I was running a virtual reality arcade two months ago, about October 2016. A lady and her daughters came in a few times over a few weeks and played. On the last session, she mentioned her 5 year old daughter just came back tested positive for a type of cancer. It was heartbreaking¬†all around, she was holding back tears.¬†I was so sad, and upset, mad that this little girl was going through this and mad I didn’t have the fundamental knowledge to inform her properly and convince her otherwise. So, now I’m here, December 14,2016 with a growing list, starting with two items, with the authority of scientists who back their ideas and testimonials of epic-humans in the making!

Thanks for reading! Please help make more grandmas and grandpas into epic-humans!

Your friend, Kobyn.15109572_10157773378865385_6751298608544774568_n-1

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